Saturday, February 7, 2009

Wagon Ride for Tuesday

I found out about Tuesday from another triplet mom's blog. Tuesday is an amazing, precious little girl who just lost her fight with cancer. It breaks my heart to hear her story. It makes me realize once again how truly blessed we are to have three beautiful healthy girls. Life can change so quickly, so always make sure that you appreciate every moment with those you love.

I had not checked her blog in a few days, but I got on tonite and saw that they were having "wagie rides" today to celebrate Tuesday's life. Fellow bloggers were also encouraged to take their kiddos on a wagon ride in honor of Tuesday. Not knowing anything about this, it just so happened that Dodie and I took the girls on a wagon ride this afternoon. We used Dodie's wagon and I couldn't believe that the girls all fit! Anyways, it just made me happy to think that in a way we did something to remember such a special girl whose life was cut so short.

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