Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun in the Sun

On Saturday we took the girls swimming at Dodie's house. This was their first time in the big pool. They really enjoyed it. Addyson definitely liked it the most. Her legs did not stop kicking the entire time! Brooklyn lounged in her tube like she was floating the river. Caitlyn started out in her float but got wore out and ended up on Dodie's shoulder asleep. I think we will have to do this more often! Thanks Dodie for our floats!

All the girls swimming

Brooklyn swimming
Brooklyn lounging

Brooklyn in the pool
I think I could take me a little nap!

I love swimming!

Addyson swimming
Can we do this everyday?

Caitlyn and Dodie
Swimming is hard work

What a day!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a month!

This month we have had something going every weekend. The girls have become seasoned travelers and really do well in the car. We started off by going to the ranch over the 4th of July weekend. This was the first time for Brian and I to travel with the girls by ourselves. The trip went pretty well overall and it was nice to have a change of scenery.

Girls at the ranch
Getting ready for hunting season

Mommy and girls

The next weekend we were off to Lake Buchanan for the Jones Family Reunion. The girls enjoyed being outside and meeting lots of new people. They went swimming and played with their toys on a quilt.

Jones reunion


Caitlyn swimming
Miss Hollywood aka Caitlyn

Brooklyn swimming
Brooklyn enjoyed swimming with Aunt Janelle

Addyson had two important doctor's appointments this month. First, I took her to Texas Childrens Hospital for them to do an echocardiagram on her heart. When we took her home from the hospital in February, she still had a small heart murmur that we were told we would need to have rechecked once she was six months old. After they looked at it this time, everything looked perfect. The murmur was gone....what a relief! She was the first born and the smallest of the three so we are so blessed that we have not had any other major health issues. The girls are all as healthy as can be!

Our next appointment was with a pediatric orthopedist because Addyson's feet are slightly turned in. This is largely due to the fact that she was breach and she was being sat on by her sister Caitlyn! Needless to say there was not alot of room in my belly! The doctor said he was not worried about her feet and she should not have any setbacks in walking, running, or playing sports. He told me to start putting shoes on her on the wrong feet and this would help to turn them out. We got her three new pairs of shoes and she is loving her new fashion accessories! Here she is modeling.


This past Sunday we had the girls baptised. It was a treat for our pastor to baptise triplets, he had never done this before! The girls all did great, and didn't even let out a peep. It was a very special day for us and we were blessed to share it with family and friends.

Girls baptism



We have one more family reunion and I think we will be done traveling for a little while. Another month has flown by! The girls are seven months old now and are changing everyday. They are rolling all over, talking, singing, and scooting. I definitely have my hands full but wouldn't have it any other way!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My first post!

I am making an attempt to join the blogging world. July has been quite an exciting month for us so I will posting lots of pics about what has been going on in the Gidley household.