Friday, February 20, 2009

I did it!

Today was a big accomplishment for me. Brian is at the ranch so it is a "girls' weekend." Tomorrow is supposed to be cool and rainy so I knew we better take advantage of the nice weather this afternoon and get out of the house. So I loaded up the girls and we headed to Target. We have been to Target many times, but today was different because I took them ALL BY MYSELF. The girls are fourteen months old and today is the first time I have taken them anywhere without another set of hands to help me! Logistically, it is difficult for me to take them very many places on my own and I guess a part of me worried what I would do if they all had a break down on me. After all, there is three of them and only one of me! But our shopping trip was a total success. The girls couldn't have been better. I am so proud of them (and me too!)

These wonderful baskets make it so much easier for us multiple moms! Thank you Target!

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Anonymous said...

Omg what a site yall were. Its so great you tryed it, looks like they were having fun. They are growing so much I can't believe how big they look in these pictures. Misty