Thursday, September 30, 2010

Party, Picnic, Princesses and Ponies

Kind of a random title I know but it is the best way to describe our last weekend. I don't want to jinx anything, but I think fall has finally come to Texas and I couldn't be happier!!! We had a great weekend just hanging out as a family. Brian had been gone for a few days for work so on Saturday he gave me a nice break and let me have a few hours "off." The weather was gorgeous so he took the girls to the park and they had a picnic lunch and played and played. I think they were really happy to spend some time with daddy and mommy was thankful to have a nice break :)

Saturday evening we went to a birthday party for one of our friends. It was a Toy Story party complete with a real Buzz and Woody. The girls had a great time with all their friends. There was a magic show, face painting, and balloon animals.

My three sheriffs

Can you tell how much Brooklyn enjoyed the cake?

The girls are really into princesses and ponies right now. They love to dress up and play princesses and one of their favorite toys is a horse camper and little horse figurines. I decided that they really needed some princess dresses after they kept going in my closet and putting on my shirts to "dress up" like princesses. They have lots of tutus and dress up shoes and crowns but now they have real, official princess dresses too! They spent a lot of time playing in them this weekend.

Caitlyn was a little unhappy she didn't get to be Cinderella first

Much Better!

Sunday afternoon, we took the girls out to a local equestrian center to let them see the horses and scope it out as a possible place to have their birthday party. December birthdays are so hard to plan because you NEVER know what the weather will be like! The owner was so nice....he let the girls feed the horses, ride them, walk them and run around and get nice and dirty. They had a ball! I think we found the perfect place for their "princess pony party!" Stay tuned....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Big Girls Rooms

The girls have been sleeping in big girl beds for a little over two months (around two and a half). The girls did great in their cribs, they never tried to climb out and slept great in them, but the girls were getting too big for them. We travelled a lot over the summer and the girls were really cramped in the pack-n-plays so we just decided to move them to beds. It is so nice not to have to haul three pack-n-plays every time we go out of town!!! We just put them in queen or king bed and its like a little slumber party.

We knew that we were not going to be able to fit three twin beds in their room so we had to move someone out. Brooklyn's sleeping patterns are the most different of the three so we decided that she would get her own room....she is quick to fall asleep at night and almost always the first up in the morning. Addyson and Caitlyn take longer to wind down at night and they get up 30 minutes to an hour later. It is much easier on us to deal with one two-year old at 6:30am than three! The girls have all done great with the transition. Occasionally, Brooklyn will wander into our room in the middle of the night but we take her back to her bed and she will go back to sleep without much of a fight. I know eventually the girls will all want their own room but for now it is nice to have a guest room for our occasional guests.

Here are some pictures of the girls' "big girl" rooms. It took me a few weeks to get them done but I think they turned out super cute. Brooklyn's room has a flower theme and Addyson and Caitlyn's room has a teapot theme.

Brooklyn's room up first!

Addyson and Caitlyn's Room

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bye, Bye Baby

The girls seemed to have grown up so much over the course of the summer. We had a lot of changes going on....potty training and moving to big girl beds were the major ones and now it seems like the few "baby" things we had left are now all GONE! The girls will be three in a few months and they really are big girls now. When they went back to school last week, all the teachers and moms who hadn't seen them since May, told me how much older they looked and how much they had matured. Over the summer we went to a lot of places, just me and the girls, without strollers, without another set of hands and they did great! They will hold hands and cross the street with me, walk along side me and follow directions. They talk non-stop now and it is so funny to listen to some of their conversations! Our house is in constant motion but I wouldn't want it any other way!

Before we transitioned the girls to their new beds, I took some pictures of their nursery because I realized the only pictures I had of their nursery were from our old house. I thought I would post them and I will post pictures of their new rooms as well, mainly for my memories but you might like seeing them too!

The view when you walked into their room
Addyson and Caitlyn's side
Brooklyn's side
Obviously with three cribs in the room, there isn't much room for anything else!
Dodie made the girls' bedding with fabrics I picked out and I just loved it!
These three cuties had to get in a picture!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Future WNBA ???

Brooklyn has a slight obsession with basketball. She has been dribbling a basketball for as long as I can remember. She loves to dribble her basketball and shoot baskets. The school in our neighborhood just built a covered pavilion with basketball hoops and now every time we drive by she asks to stop and play basketball. She has even asked to sleep with her basketball!

Everyone that sees her dribble a basketball tells me how talented she is for her age. I always predicted that she was going to be our little tomboy and I think that will hold true. I hope that her love for the game continues and maybe we will be watching her play for the Aggies one day!

This video isn't great but every time we try and take a video of her she gets camera shy. There were some other kids playing basketball so you can see her stopping to watch them.