Thursday, February 12, 2009

One of those days

Yesterday was one of those days and today is starting out the same way. Yesterday started out with a call from my sitter saying that she thought she had the flu and wouldn't make it. Normally, not such a big deal but I had plans to meet some of the girls I used to work with for lunch so I had to cancel. Yesterday afternoon we were supposed to have a new couch and loveseat delivered. Brian and I bought each other new furniture for Valentine's Day....Yes, I know very romantic :) So, they delivered the furniture and it turned out they had the wrong couch. They were nice enough to let me keep this one until they can switch it out, but it is not MY couch! After I put the girls down to nap, I spent most of their naptime on the phone with Citibank trying to find out why my debit card has been declined the past two times I tried to use it and why their is a new "monthly account fee" on our account that has never been there before. They informed me that nothing was wrong with the card, there wasn't any kind of hold on my account, and the card should work fine. The rest of the afternoon was pretty uneventful but then Caitlyn was up all nite running a high fever. So this morning we were off to the doctor. I was so thankful they had an opening for us to come in first thing! I go to pay our copay and once again my debit card is declined. I only have $20 in cash to pay my $30 copay. Pleading with the receptionist, I ask if I can please run the money back up later. She agrees. We find out that Caitlyn has a double ear infection. This is our third round of ear infections in the past three months! Needless to say I am quite exhausted but staying positive. I am so ready for flu season to be over! It feels like there are germs everywhere and we just can't shake them! I pray that Addyson and Brooklyn don't have ear infections but we have never had one get one and not the others. These are a few pics of the girls that I took this morning of them playing. I am looking forward to a nice quiet afternoon.....Fingers crossed!

Brooklyn riding the school bus

Little Addyson, always laughing!

Closer and closer to walking everyday

Caitlyn smiling even though she feels yucky

Brooklyn multitasking...
walking and reading at the same time!

How could you ever really have a bad day with these smiling faces?

Giving their approval on the new loveseat..the right one!

update: We now have a whole house full of sick girls, including myself. Caitlyn seems to be a little better today but Addyson, Brooklyn, and I all have some kind of stomach bug! My dear husband stayed home today so I could rest and has been taking care of the girls. I am hoping that we all get better SOON!


Anonymous said...

Girl hang in there. I won't say things get easier their will always be those days but you are doing great. Misty

Whitney Grace said...

Oh Kara...I know how you feel sweetie! We have all had the stomach bug here too. I have had it the worst..all week! Chris has been home the last two days taking care of Whitney too. Bless our husbands!!