Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Another benefit about having triplets......

You get out of speeding tickets!

This morning we took the girls to get their pictures taken. After a wardrobe change and lots of flashes and posing trying to get the "perfect shot" the girls had had enough. They were ready for a nap. So we loaded up and headed home. Who knew that the speed limit on Southwest Parkway was 35? So here come the lights. I was going 42 in a 35. The officer walked up to the car and explained to me that the speedlimit was 35 and I was speeding. There is some faint crying coming from the back seat. He then slowly glances to the backseat and sees the three carseats. He looks back at me with a poor you look and says "I am going to give you a warning." Phew!

Many people cringe at the thought of three babies, but I have always thought that I am blessed three times over. Having triplets has many benefits and this is just another one to add to my list!

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