Sunday, January 3, 2010

Happy New Year!

Nothing like starting out the new year with a trip to the emergency room! While we were at the ranch with Brian's family celebrating the holiday, Caitlyn fell and busted her chin. It was a deep cut so we decided to go to the emergency room and have it looked at. Only problem is we are hours away from any major metropolitan hospital. The fact that it was a holiday didn't help much either. We did find someone to look at it and they used a liquid bond to close the cut rather than trying to do stitches on a two-year old. Which I was totally fine with. I hope that the cut heals okay and she is not left with any major scarring. The good thing is it didn't seem to phase her much and she was such a trooper. I was so proud of her! I hope that this is not any indication of our year to come :) We had a wonderful 2009 and I am looking forward to see all that 2010 holds for our family.

This is a picture of Caitlyn I took on my phone after we left the hospital. She was too tired and too busy watching her DVD to look at the camera!

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