Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Addyson walking and tubes for all!

Addyson is really getting around these days. She walks everywhere and it is so cute because she takes the tiniest little steps. Here is a pic I took of her last week. I need to get a better one because my hand is in the shot and now she doesn't need any help at all. She just gets up and goes!

We took all of the girls to the ENT yesterday. We have decided that they are all going to get tubes in their ears. The procedures will be done next Wednesday. I am a little nervous but I know it is going to make them feel so much better. They all had ear infections yesterday and Brooklyn had a busted ear drum. Tomorrow we go for their fifteen-month checkup so I will post their new stats. They were fifteen months yesterday. With all of the drama, I totally forgot....Happy 15 months girlies!


Kim and Scott said...

Go, Addyson, Go! I love seeing the girls up and walking. They look like big girls on the go. I know Wednesday will not be fun for you, but they will all feel better once they get the tubes. Hopefully no more ear infections! Plan on me bringing dinner over Wednesday night!

Anonymous said...

Kara, Just wanted to say tubes are the best .Austin had ear infections every month and after tubes none ever again. I hope they do well let us know. Put your running shoes on they are going to keep you going they are too cute. Misty