Sunday, September 7, 2008


Yesterday we had all the fam over to watch the game and cook out. The girls had on their Aggie wear (pink of course) and played with their toys while everyone watched the game. We had a great time!

Daddy with his little cheerleaders

Addyson pumped about the game

Brooklyn sitting still for half a second

Caitlyn posing

The boys watching the game
Mason brought over his doctor kit and gave us all a checkup!

Crawling update: Brooklyn is on the move! The girl does not sit still for a minute. She has earned the nickname "inchworm" because she pretty much uses her upper body to pull her along. It is kind of hard to describe but it gets her anywhere she wants to go. The other girls are not far behind!


Kim said...

WE had a blast hanging out and watching the game. The next one's at our house!

Anonymous said...

Cute is all I can say. They are growing I wanna see them soon. Misty