Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fun in the Sun

On Saturday we took the girls swimming at Dodie's house. This was their first time in the big pool. They really enjoyed it. Addyson definitely liked it the most. Her legs did not stop kicking the entire time! Brooklyn lounged in her tube like she was floating the river. Caitlyn started out in her float but got wore out and ended up on Dodie's shoulder asleep. I think we will have to do this more often! Thanks Dodie for our floats!

All the girls swimming

Brooklyn swimming
Brooklyn lounging

Brooklyn in the pool
I think I could take me a little nap!

I love swimming!

Addyson swimming
Can we do this everyday?

Caitlyn and Dodie
Swimming is hard work

What a day!


Shepard said...

How fun! They always have the cutest outfits on...even in the pool! I can't wait for Jackson to join them...He likes to splash a lot. I hope the girls won't mind.
Love, Leah

Kim said...

How adorable! After seeing the girls at the pool yesterday, I think Addyson is the water baby of the group. They are precious.

Really Reagan said...

Great pictures. You are all so photogenic! Tadpoles! nellie