Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Catch up and another video

I have alot to catch up on. So much has happened in our house over the last few weeks! The girls are now officially two and a half and I wish that I could just freeze time because it is going by so fast! Addyson and Brooklyn have done great with potty training and are pretty much potty trained during the day. At night, they still wear pull ups. Caitlyn is just not ready and I am not forcing her.....I know she will do it in her time.

The girls are sleeping in different rooms for the first time in their life. They now have big girl beds and Brooklyn has her own room while Addyson and Caitlyn share a room. So far it is working out great! I am still working on some decorating things but they love their new beds.

We also took our very first trip on an airplane with the girls. We went to Cabo San Lucas over the 4th of July and had a great vacation with my parents. I will post pictures soon but in the mean time here is another singing video! Caitlyn is singing the Barney song to my parents dog, Zach. Two of her favorite things in life are Barney and Zach! Brooklyn and Addyson also make a brief appearance :)

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Chelcey said...

omg this has to be the cutest version of this song EVER sung. Seriously, put this in the wedding video... =)