Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hunting for eggs!

The girls have had two Easter Egg hunts already and I'm sure they will have a few more this weekend. We had one at church last weekend and they had one with their class at school. They are getting to be real professionals! Addyson always stops and shakes her eggs after she picks them up to make sure there is something in there! I think the girls are all very excited about Easter. They love talking about the Easter bunny and seeing Easter decorations. I took them to the mall to get their picture taken with the Easter bunny but unfortunately they wouldn't go anywhere near him!

Waiting at the starting line

Off we go!

Brooklyn didn't make it to their class hunt. She has been fighting a nasty stomach bug. The girl just can't seem to catch a break! She is scheduled to have another set of tubes put in her ears and have her adenoids taken out next week. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. I am hoping for a much healthier spring and summer for all of us!

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Shepard said...

Those dresses are so cute! We will pray for sweet Brooklyn. Keep us upadated on how everything goes.
Hopefully we can see you soon. We miss you guys.