Monday, July 27, 2009

Dancing...Triplet Style


This is a video of the girls dancing to one of their Mickey Mouse videos. Brian edited it to make it look old timey and added music.  I never knew he was so talented!  I don't know why it cut off some of the text at the beginning.  The girls love to dance and tonite Addyson was really into it.  I think it will make you smile! 


Anonymous said...

too cute!! we loved it :) -kelly&leanne

Whitney Grace said...

Love it Kara..and Brian didi a great job on the picture and music!!! Addyson was really into the girls Kara...they are awesome :)

Shepard said...

I think Addyson and Jackson went to the same school of dance! They need to learn some spin moves from Brooklyn. Miss you guys!

Kim and Scott said...

I LOVE the dancing video! They are too cute with all of their moves. Good editing job, bro!

Anonymous said...

It did make me smile! Thanks for sharing.