Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My new favorite thing!

This contraption has made my life much easier.  Not since the Podee bottles have I found something I love so much.  I got these for the girls when they were about a year old but they had some trouble with them and they thought it was much more fun to pull back one of the flaps and poor out the snacks all over the floor.  Well about a month or so ago, I remembered I had them and brought them out to try again.  Now, I never leave the house without them.  If the girls are fussy in the car or if I want at least 20 minutes of peaceful shopping time, I just whip them out and they are happy as long as there is food in them.  Right now, animal crackers are usually the snack of choice.  I took the girls to the grocery store this morning (by myself....usually quite a fete) and gave them their snack cups and they lasted the whole time without any major breakdowns.  It was amazing!  Sorry no pics from our outing but I just wanted to give my two cents about the snack trap. 


Lani said...

I have another version of this snack cup- they are so awesome! They exactly guarantee a mess free snacktime, but the kids just love them so much, I don't care!
(I was a podee enthusiast as well! I feel bad for those who couldn't use them, they made my life so much easier!)

Lani said...

oops, that should say they DONT exactly guarantee a mess free snacktime:)