Tuesday, March 29, 2011

1st Dentist Visit

Doing a little reading in the waiting room

Caitlyn checking out the little mirror

Addyson helping count her teeth

Brooklyn clinging to daddy

This post is probably of no interest to anyone else, it is just one of those things I feel I need to record. The girls had their first visit to the dentist a few weeks ago. Everyone got a good report and did really well. Brooklyn was pretty nervous so the dentist was nice enough to let Brian hold her when it was her time to go. The dentist counted their teeth, brushed them, and put flouride on them. Their favorite part was definitely picking out a prize from the treasure chest after it was over!


ASAZ said...

whether their children funny triplets

Cecania Tallmadge said...

There's nothing wrong with recording a once in a lifetime event. In fact, it's nice to see that you took the time to post this. Even though it might be uninteresting to anyone else, what matters is that you like to post it, right? It was really kind of the dentist to let your husband hold Brooklyn while the dental checkup took place. Good luck on your next dental visit!

Cecania Tallmadge